An Early Learning Centre by Paadashala

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> At Baalawadi, we encourage our children to explore, play, discover and practise in different ways on a schedule that best suits the child. We help the child to develop to his/her full potential.

> Our Baalawadi Care Programme understands that a strong bond between the child and care giving staff is essential for health, growth, development and learning. Our programmes are designed to ensure that the child's experiences, routines and activities help in this relationship building.

> We strive to create an ambience that sustains the interest of the child and aids learning in a safe environment. Our spaces and surroundings have developmentally appropriate toys and furnishings.

> We recognize the importance of family and its involvement in the learning process. Daily communication between parents and staff ensures that we work hand in hand towards our common goals. Our programmes and celebrations, which encourage the involvement of parents, are designed to provide our children with a feeling of self worth and confidence.

Areas of Focus

> Language Development and Acquisition (Listening Speaking and Writing Skills)
> Personal and Social Development
> Physical Skills and Well being
> Mathematical Ability

Other Facilities

> Pick up and Drop to and from school
> Homely, tasty, nutritious and hygienically prepared food at breakfast, lunch, morning and evening snack time