After School and Paadashala Care

Paadashala Afterschool

Paadashala After School is a home away from home where students are mentored and looked after properly when they come back from regular school. We take care of their academic activities, at the same time instilling in them, the right values, a sense of discipline, camaraderie and team work. After schoolers are provided with ample opportunities to make creative use of their free time while building on a variety of skills and interests. Students also benefit from the coaching classes provided by us which is in tune with their regular school work. Special care is taken to ensure that they do not fall back in their studies at their normal schools.

Facilities Provided

> Direct Pick up from School
> Individual Attention for All Subjects
> Home Work Assistance
> Yoga
> Homely Nutritious Food
> Mentoring
> Counselling
> Weekly Assessments
> Special Coaching for various subjects on request
> Football
> Swimming

Paadashala Care

At Paadashala Care we offer daycare facilities for children with flexible schedules. Our Care Centre is a safe haven for children where parents can leave them without anxiety. Parents can avail the option of entrusting their children to our care for a single day, a few hours or a longer period of time. The timings are also flexible to suit your needs. It is open from 8.00 am to 9 p.m.

Important Features

> Safe Environment with responsible care givers
> Hygienic, Nutritious and Healthy Food
> Calm, peaceful and clean surroundings and a great ambience
> Adequate Activities to sustain the child's interest
> Constant Supervision