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About Paadashala

Paadashala is a venture originally conceived as an after school programme for the children of parents whose busy work schedule makes it difficult for them to look after their children after the regular school working hours. Paadashala After School programme originally started functioning at the centre at Elankom Gardens in 2015. On account of its immense popularity and great demand, a second centre was established at Medical College in 2016.

Paadashala Comprehensive School saw its inception in June 2019. This school again was conceived and took shape due to the demand of several parents who wanted their children to grow and blossom in an atmosphere of joy, camaraderie and team work with out the excessive tension and burden of a regular normal school routine with large classes.

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At Paadashala Comprehensive School we encourage each child to explore himself and develop to his full potential. A team, of well trained staff, gives special attention to each and every child. The third initiative of Paadashala is the Paadashala Care Centre which functions as a Day Care Centre, where children are looked after for a single day, a few hours or a longer period of time.

Baalawadi an Early Learning Centre is the fourth venture of Paadashala and children from the Play School stage to the Upper Kindergarten are nurtured and taught. At Paadashala we firmly believe that attitude, skill, common sense and conceptual learning along with a strong value system, mould a child's future.

The Salient Features of Paadashala Institutions are:
> A safe friendly environment with responsible care givers
> Healthy, nutritious, hygienically prepared food
> A calm and peaceful ambience
> Adequate activities to sustain the child's interests and an excellent learning environment

Paadashala Summer Camps have been functioning during the Summer Vacations for five consecutive years. These camps have gained immense popularity over the years and are in high demand. Here children spend their time fruitfully during the summer vacation, blending enjoyment with the learning of various skills.